Thai Basil Chicken


This is not really a holiday recipe but Mr. Alex (you will have to ask!) cooked this one evening with Ms. Alex (she peeled the onions!).  It was very tasty, though 6 peppers was probably a tad on the hot side!! 

In large frying pan heat

2 tblspn minced garlic

5-6 minced serrano chili peppers

4 tblspn olive oil


2 lbs ground chicken and stir fry uncovered When chicken cooked add two handfuls fresh basil leaves without stems

1 small sliced and halfed yellow onion

1 bell pepper for taste and color (or two small ones of different color) and Sauce made with

4 tblspns fish sauce

4 tblespn water

2-3 tblspn sugar

Simmer covered until basil leaves reduce and onion turns soft.

Add more water to increase volume of sauce if desired.

Serve over hot white rice with plenty of sauce (and water!!!!!)